friday feminausts

The friday feminaust series is about giving people the space to discuss what feminism means to them and how it’s changed their lives. Click on the friday feminaust’s name below to read their complete piece.

Jennifer Duke: Jennifer is editor of Property Observer. She also writes about Jane Austen via The Bennet Sisters and loves to discuss feminism, human rights and animal rights. You can contact her via jennifersduke[at]

Erin Hoare: Erin is a psychology graduate currently studying her PhD in Health and Social Development. She believes in life free from prejudice and inequality. Erin couples her studies with being an athlete and hopes to contribute to empowering women through sport and free thinking.

Bronwyn Stange: Bronwyn is a 22-year-old Melbourne University Law student who hopes to use her degree to smash the patriarchy, particularly in relation to sexual violence. She has completed her Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sociology & Anthropology, because of course Gender Studies wasn’t an option at the time, but managed to sneak in as much feminism as possible. She is a frequent ranter, passionate vegetarian and has a shameful obsession with reality TV. Watch out for more posts from Bronwyn as she takes on a regular authorship at feminaust.

Nabila Farhat: Nabila is a 24 year old passionate psychology student aspiring to work in women’s health, specialising in domestic violence. As paradoxical as it is, she is both a lover and a fighter, who dreams big, loves laugher and enjoys the simplicity of life.

Mary Wollstonecraft quoted “I do not wish women to have power over men, but over themselves”. Much of Nabila’s work as a feminist is based on empowering women to take ownership of themselves through instilling self-belief, self-love and self-motivation. She believes empowerment is the key to unlocking the potential of women.

Matilda BransonMatilda loves all things women’s rights, horses, fishing, beautiful food and stalking beach destinations on Google Earth. She’s worked in a bunch of interesting countries in gender and international development, most recently with a feminist NGO in Nepal. Check out her other blogs here.

Claire PoyserClaire is a 20 year old Arts student at Monash University. She was the 2011 Australian Delegate to the G(irls)20 Summit. Claire is currently a student writer for A Safe World for Women and a Researcher on Aid Spending at the Global Poverty Project. She is a keen photographer and traveller. For more of Claire’s writing visit here.

Tessa Barratt: Tessa runs the Sydney Feminist Meet-up Group and website.  Apart from feminism, she loves science fiction (she runs a Transformers website) and animals (she dotes on 2 adorable pet rats).  She is an aspiring writer and has contributed to a few newspapers, online magazines and environmental websites.  She is an active member of the Reclaim the Night collective and is currently running for positions at the NSW Women’s Network.

Benjamin Payne: Benjamin is a writer and activist based in Melbourne.

Diana LabirisDiana is a communications professional and radical feminist. She is writing her Master’s thesis at the Central European University in Budapest this year around violence against women. When she’s not busting people’s chops about women’s issues, she’s… asleep.

Angela Lauman: Angela currently works at the YWCA of Canberra doing everything from tender writing to running young women’s leadership workshops. Before this she was a very begrudging public servant working in social policy for the Federal Government. On the side Angela is studying law and learning how to be a stepmother. In her spare time Angela likes to be surrounded by people she loves, do fun things, drink good wine and eat good food and travel as much as possible.

Alison Currie: Alison is a current trainer and member at the Women’s Circus, a former board member of the YWCA Victoria, a former political adviser with the Bracks and Brumby Governments where her proudest achievements include being part of the team that changed the laws governing abortion and access to assisted reproductive technology. She is currently studying at the VCA and all of her unreconstructed views on feminism are her own and in no way purport to reflect the views of these organisations.

Liandra Dahl: I am a mother of a daughter, a woman, a feminist and one of the most empowering things I ever did was to make porn. Its effect on me was almost equal to that of becoming a mother. It helped me accept and love my body from every angle, it improved my sexual confidence and it blasted away those last dregs of residual shame this culture tries to instil. Sex brought me to feminism and I bring my feminism to sex.

Bree Lamprell Burke:

Social worker
Youth Worker 2004-5
Sexual assault counsellor 2005-8
YWCA Mentoring program coordinator 2008-9
Family counsellor 2009- present (with 10 months mat leave in there somewhere)
Mother of Ruby 2009- present
Wife to Simon 2009- present

And so much more besides…

 Rachel Hills: Rachel Hills was born in Sydney but now lives in London. She writes about gender and the politics of everyday life for various magazines and newspapers and is currently working on a book on sex and identity for Simon & Schuster. Her blog, Musings of an Inappropriate Woman, has over 8000 subscribers around the globe and was named Australia’s “Best Feminist Blog” in 2009.

Sue CondeSue Conde joined the Australian National Committee for UNIFEM (now UN Women Australia) in 2002, and was elected President in 2008. Since 2003, she has also been actively engaged as a member of the National Leadership Group of the White Ribbon Day Campaign to end Violence against Women. Sue held various Executive leadership positions at State and National levels of Girl Guides Australia from 1985-2002.  Representing the Girl Guides, she attended the UN General Assembly Special Session on Women in New York in 2000. In January 2005 Sue was appointed a Member in the Order of Australia for service to the community through organisations and advisory bodies that promote the interests of women, to youth through the Guiding movement, and to the Uniting Church in Australia.

Cynthia Nolan Myers: Cynthia Nolan Myers is a Melbourne born mother of one (and a half) who currently works in the community arts sector and is looking forward to welcoming her second child at home in March. She believes that the arts foster and strengthen community dialogue through cultural exchange and holds a Bachelor of Arts and Masters in Arts Management. Cynthia is considering further study post March as undertaking a Ph.D whilst breastfeeding with a newborn baby and a tantrumming three year old seems like a great idea….

Frances Meese: Frances Meese has recently moved to Canberra to work in the public service, and is currently working on the Government’s eHealth agenda. She approaches most things in life from a feminist persepctive, and while this can be slightly disarming to her new friends and housemates, she feels that it’s the best way she can contribute to “the revoluation”.

Monica Campo: Monica Campo skates under the name Mon-U-Mental with the Victorian Roller Derby League. She is a mother of three  and works as a research assistant at Melbourne Law School. She has been completing a Phd in Sociology on and off for way too long now and hopes to submit her thesis  one day…really.

Chelsea Lewis: Chelsea Lewis is a Policy Officer with YWCA Adelaide.

Ranty Pants: RantyPants is a PhD candidate at Monash University who handed in her thesis in July 2011. Maybe. Her research focuses on American influences in European history in the mid 20th century. She likes beer, books, dogs, pizza, pasta, chocolate, red wine, and hopes one day to get a job where she gets to wear grown-up clothes. RantyPants is now an official feminaust contributor: Aimless Panther (coz her mummy objected to RantyPants).

Helen Vickers: Helen is a social worker with a particular interest in supporting young women develop a strong sense of self and efficacy. She is a bit of a wanderer and regularly getting itchy feet and wants to run off on an adventure. She has recently returned from working with teenagers in Belize, and in her spare time dreams about when she can go back.

Tori Pearce: Tori was a 10 year old author (unpublished), a 16 year old biomedical scientist (unqualified), a 22 year old musician (unemployed), a 25 year old candle maker (unbelievably employed) and is now a 28 year old youth worker. She loves bike riding, dislikes eating animals and making pollution, wants the world to be different in a really good way, and is sure that this change will have a lot to do with the strengths of women.

Damon Young: Dr. Damon Young is a philosopher and writer, and the author of Distraction.  He writes regularly for newspapers and magazines, and is a frequent radio guest.  He has also published fiction and poetry.   For more on Damon, visit:


Bryn Davies: Bryn is supposed to be an urban planner but has been avoiding full-time work like the plague, having just returned from extended travel and with the intention of studying a masters of economics in the future. He grew up with donkeys, has actually slipped on a banana peel, and once got a Christmas card from Jennifer Keyte (the channel 7 newsreader). Feminism wise, Bryn’s a work in progress, but excited about a world freer of prejudice.

Josephine Hall: Josephine is 22, lives in a big house full of china and antiques and realised she was a feminist when a Computer Science Professor saw her walk into a lecture theatre and asked what she was doing there. She is a member of the Wellington Young Feminists’ collective and is the team lead for the Hollaback! project in Wellington, New Zealand. She (sometimes) keeps a sewing blog at

Gina RobinsonGina Robinson is a Melbourne University law graduate living in Melbourne. Before studying law Gina gained a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) majoring in Cultural Studies at the University of Melbourne. Her honours thesis was on representations of Australian identity.

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